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Directors/Producres Testimony

"Almost every day I sat across from Nicola in Tammany Hall and didn't realize I was sitting across a genius. Well fate and the Universe brought me to meet him.  Nicola asked me what I knew about lighting and I said: '3 quarter back', he laughed sarcastically and that was the day I knew I found gold"

Kevin Littlelight / Film Director

"This Italian charming nugget is a must-kept companion when I power through a filmmaking journey.
Nicola has brought his signature delightful energy to my set. His endless motivation always amuses me. I want him to be my co-pilot until we get an oscar together."

Kwon Oh / Film Director / Producer

"Nico Raggi is a true artist, who knows how to bring the story to the forefront of the film. 

His vision only elevates the directors work through creative use of framing, lighting and tension/release.

He manages time and expectations with a quiet urgency that moves a production along.

Nico has the ability to take on the role of a leader without being pompous or totalitarian.

Jenny Heaton / Actress / VO Artist / Singer

"Nicola is a monster of energy: his commitment to both conception during pre-production and 

principal photography on set is tireless and always brilliant. 

He's the ideal partner in making movies, I couldn't think to work without him. 

Alessandro Chirico / Film Director

"My über-talented friend Nicola Raggi has a new Reel - and he’s so good!! I had the pleasure of working with Nico 3 times: on Tom's Dilemma - The Film, “Pizza Fiction” and House Broken ...and 

I was always amazed by his unique talent"

Heather Brittain O'Scanlon / Actress / Producer

"Nicola an I collaborated on a project a few years ago with sensitive subject matter. 

He handled it with grace and executed beautiful shots for the project. 

He's got a solid eye for composition and lighting"


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