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Directors/Producres Testimony

"Mr. Raggi is a highly cultivated and experienced Director of Photography. His knowledge of cinematography is vast and he is highly resourceful. He is very talented, skilled and easy to work with.

For four months I worked with Nicola Filming two movies in US and Spain. He is the best cinematographer I have worked with. His combination of talent, humanity, professionalism, resourcefulness and humility make him truly unique. In my twenty years of experience in the industry there are very few people I would feel safe recommending for not only skills and execution but also on human level. His abilities and his love for the art of Filmmaking make him an ideal team member and an asset for any company."

Gerald B.  Fillmore / Film Director / Actor / Producer


"Almost every day I sat across from Nicola in Tammany Hall and didn't realize I was sitting across a genius. Well fate and the Universe brought me to meet him.  Nicola asked me what I knew about lighting and I said: '3 quarter back', he laughed sarcastically and that was the day I knew I found gold"

Kevin Littlelight / Film Director

"This Italian charming nugget is a must-kept companion when I power through a filmmaking journey.
Nicola has brought his signature delightful energy to my set. His endless motivation always amuses me. I want him to be my co-pilot until we get an oscar together."

Kwon Oh / Film Director / Producer

"Nico Raggi is a true artist, who knows how to bring the story to the forefront of the film. 

His vision only elevates the directors work through creative use of framing, lighting and tension/release.

He manages time and expectations with a quiet urgency that moves a production along.

Nico has the ability to take on the role of a leader without being pompous or totalitarian.

Jenny Heaton / Actress / VO Artist / Singer

"Nicola is a monster of energy: his commitment to both conception during pre-production and 

principal photography on set is tireless and always brilliant. 

He's the ideal partner in making movies, I couldn't think to work without him. 

Alessandro Chirico / Film Director

"My über-talented friend Nicola Raggi has a new Reel - and he’s so good!! I had the pleasure of working with Nico 3 times: on Tom's Dilemma - The Film, “Pizza Fiction” and House Broken ...and 

I was always amazed by his unique talent"

Heather Brittain O'Scanlon / Actress / Producer

"Nicola an I collaborated on a project a few years ago with sensitive subject matter. 

He handled it with grace and executed beautiful shots for the project. 

He's got a solid eye for composition and lighting"


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